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Fresh Wholesome Meals

Delivered right to your front door. Upscale International Caterers is now offering fresh gourmet pre-made meals delivered direct to your doorsteps daily. Are you too tired to shop and cook after a hard day’s work? Do you want to take a delicious healthy breakfast and lunch to work and have your dinner ready when you get home? Well leave it up to the professional chefs at Upscale International Caterers. We will do it all for you.


The Upscale Plan

Starting at $38 a day.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and two Snacks. This plan consists of gourmet high-end entrees.


The Healthy Plan

Starting at $25 a day.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and two Snacks. This plan consists of entrees that are designed for our customers who are health conscious and weight conscious.


The Family Dinner Plan

For $45 - $70 a day.
This plan is for dinner and feeds 3-4 people. Each meal consist of one protein two sides and a salad. You can choose from the regular or gourmet high-end entrees.

the reason behind the magic

Our three Executive Chefs have worked in the culinary industry for over thirty years. During this time, they managed some of New York’s most high-profile venues, restaurants and corporate accounts. We offer eclectic culinary menus that will wow your pallets! So, sit back and enjoy this culinary journey and use that extra time to do the things that are most important to you like enjoying family time.

Benefits of our plans:

  • We save you time from shopping and cooking.
  • New and exciting menus that changes weekly.
  • Sustainable and sourced food products by local farmers.
  • Recyclable and decomposable containers.
  • No contract and you can cancel or put your order on hold at any time.
  • Free delivery in some areas.


  • Due to inclement weather such as storms and snow fall over four inches, we value our delivery employees and do not deliver. In the event that this occurs, we will adjust payments accordingly.
  • We ask our customers to please let us know where the food will be delivered and where to pick up the empty bag the following day. In the event the customer is not available at time of delivery, we ask that you notify us one hour before or as soon as possible. If the food is not delivered to the customer it will be returned to our production facility and delivered the next day.
  • Most of our meals will be delivered during evening hours.
  • We require a $20 deposit for the cooler bags. In the event a customer discontinues the service, the customer will be refunded their $20 deposit.
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